Version Control with Bazaar

(This page is part of the portable IDE project)

For someone working from a portable system, a version control model appropriate to working on multiple computers, rather than working with multiple collaborators from one computer, is probably most helpful. The following is a good start:
Short tutorial
to understand basic bzr concepts
bzr centralized workflow
for the model you will probably want to use from a mobile platform.

If you do not have a web site (there should be many free web sites where you can store your files) then you may want to carry branches with you on your flash drive. For flash drive use, see section 6.2 of the main bzr user's guide.

See the information theory classnotes for a project you can check out with step by step instructions including basic Emacs 22 commands for working in bzr.

Help us with this tutorial

You can check out a copy of this tutorial: in Emacs
M-x eshell
Have a look around using the commands
$ ls
$ df -h
$ cd ../
$ ls
$ cd ~
$ env
Get the files for this tutorial set:
$ bzr branch
Open some files and try out the version control commands from emacs. For example, try:
$ bzr log 
To send suggested changes,
$ bzr status
to be sure you did not forget to 'bzr add' any new files you created.
$ bzr commit -m "a comment on your changes"
$ bzr send -o ../youchange.patch
and send the file yourchange.patch as an email attachment.

See the bzr user reference on URL identifiers for more options in your own projects. For example, to merge from a friend's flash drive,

$ bzr merge file:///g:/tutorial
To send changes to us, be sure you branch is being compared to ours, not your friend's flash drive, by
$ bzr merge

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