Emacs notes

Some time in mid 2007, the emacs home page was updated. It is now an excellent place to start. : Emacs Home

Built in Emacs tutorial

To learn to use Emacs much more effectively, work through the Emacs tutorial that is built into emacs. Start emacs and press:
C-h t
(hold the C-h key combination, then let go. You will see C-h at the bottom of your screen. Then press just the letter t)
Do 10 to 20 minutes a day and try to use what you have learned the rest of the day until you have worked through through the tutorial.

For a quick reference see the Emacs refcard

The basic keyboard shortcuts and concepts we covered were:

C-g C-gAny problem your run into, DON'T DESPAIR. Just type this key combination a few times and all will be back to normal.
C- modifierHold down the control key, then, while still holding down the control key, press the key to be modified.
M- modifierPress the escape key, then release the escape key. Then press the key to be modified.
Tab completion Type a few letters of a command and press tab. This not only saves typing time,
it assures what you are typing is a valid term or command.
Press tap twice to get a list of valid choices.
Modes Emacs enters special editing modes that enables appropriate features based on the ending of the file you edit (.html, .tex, .r).
C- up-arrow Scroll through previous command history. This really saves time.
C-x C-f to open a file.
C-x C-s save a file.
In LaTeX mode, it is worth remembering:
See the latex tutorial for more.

Sudoku in emacs

There are a few sudoku modes for emacs.
here is one, Jesse Rosenthal's mode:easysudoku.el
and another that solves for you: Sudoku solver.
Get sudoku.el from the author's :list of programs

Download one to your working directory. Type

M-x eshell
then in your shell, type
To be sure we are all in the same place, and in a directory where you will be able to write for sure. Then download:
Copy the url from you browser, then in your shell in emacs:
and paste in the url using

To load this mode,

M-x load-file
Press return
then type
Press tab and it should complete to sudoku.el.
M-x sudoku
(be sure to press return) To try another mode:
M-x unload-feature sudoku
and then
M-x load-file
and enter the other file.
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