1. Restore all your windows.
    You are reading this file, so you have a web browser window open. Look at the top right side of this window. There you will see an X in a red box. Next to it is a box with either one or two smaller boxes in it. Next to it is another box. There are three boxes in total.

    Click on the middle box, the one with one or two squares in it, and see what happens. Click until the box has only a single square in it.
  2. Click and drag the outer edge of your window and notice that you can change its size this way.
  3. You now have at least two windows on your desktop. Practice moving and resizing each window.
  4. Move and re-sized the windows until you can align them side by side, their edges touching but not overlapping.
  5. Now you will be able to read the tutorials while working in emacs.
  6. You can also copy from the tutorial window and paste into the emacs window.
  7. Copy and Paste in Emacs:
    C-k (kill=copy)
    C-y (yank=paste)
    How to remember these shortcuts? Imagine you are placing an order in a restaurant. Your order is written on a pad at the counter. Kill, you take something off your workspace and store it on a ring. Yank, you get it back from the ring and put it back on a work space.
  8. Copy the usual Windows way in the web browser (where you are reading these instructions). Click on the emacs window and paste the emacs way :
is good for copying a region defined by
and moving your cursor to the end of the desired region.
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