C-x means hold down  key and press x
M-x means 
	on PC: hold down  key and press x
	on Mac: hold down  and 


Octave, a free numerical computing language compatible with MatLab, has just been added to this DVD. Packages are not yet portable, so to add packages, you will need to
  1. copy octave to a writable drive.
  2. in Octave, issue the command
    pkg rebuild

Running Octave

Emacs has an octave mode which is entered when you open a file with the .m ending.
In Emacs, open a file containing Octave (MatLab) code:
C-x C-f yourmatlabfile.m
C-h m
to see the key bindings offered by this mode. To start an octave process type:
M-x run-octave
You can send commands from your octave/matlab script (the .m file) by typing
 C-c TAB C-l
in the .m buffer.

The following are a few links related to octave:

Octave Home page.
Octave Programming Tutorial
See also a list that essentially indicates that if code runs in Matlab, it will run in Octave.

Some applications:
Fmri examples.

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