Guide to Stat Live iPoIDE

The software distributed through this project is designed to work as an (i)Portable Integrated Development Environment through the Emacs text editor. The system was developed for graduate statistics courses taught by Lihua Chen at the University of Toledo and thus some references in these tutorials are specific to the University of Toledo. A central goal of the project is to be universal, so reports of failure to operate with system configurations at other institutions are valued.

PC running from DVD: insert DVD and double click
My Computer-> IPOIDE -> runemacs.bat
(about 40 seconds to auto-launch in the Newton lab).
Running from personal media device (iPhone, iPod, etc) or hard drive:
PC: Double click on the runemacs.bat icon:
Mac: Double click on the blue Emacs icon: emacs
Emacs Keyboard Shortcut Symbols:

C-x means hold down <control> key and press x
M-x means 
        on PC: hold down <alt> key and press x
        on Mac: press <escape> and press x
The tutorials are arranged in the order suggested for someone learning computing skills for statistics. They are intended as a tour of the resources available on the DVD, taking you through a basic task that highlights the use of each tool through Emacs, and (not completed) how to find help and more advanced instructions. These mini-tutorials may be extended if this project gets support, though many good manuals and tutorials already exist for most of these tools.

If you are using this at home, you can copy the entire DVD to a convenient location on your hard drive. This will increase the speed of many operations. Better still, if you have an iPod with enough space, you can copy the entire DVD to your iPod. In any case, for Windows you will then lanuch runemacs.bat and on the Mac double click the Emacs icon.

A Guided Tour of the iPoIDE

  1. Dvorak Tutorial

    A more comfortable keyboard layout you may want to consider.
  2. Emacs Tutorial

    The Emacs web site was updated sometime in May 2007. It now has an excellent 'tour' that replaces my tutorial, which you can still find here:
    Tutorial notes
    Note, for the convenience of people accustomed to Windows, some DVDs enable cua-mode by default, which allows you to use the Windows keys for copy and paste. Before trying the built-in Emacs tutorial or using R, issue the command
    M-x cua-mode
    to toggle this mode off.

    To run the tutorial from within Emacs (better than playing a game on your PC)

    C-h t
  3. Copy and Pasting (C-y) from Web to Emacs

    For all other tutorials, first practice opening and resizing windows on your PC and copying from Windows and pasting to Emacs.
  4. Bazaar (bzr) Tutorial

    Distributed version control.

    Please do give the version control tutorial a try. Why?

  5. R Tutorial

  6. LaTeX Tutorial

  7. Working With Microsoft Files

    Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, and augmenting the Windows command shell.
  8. Octave Tutorial

Comprehensive Exercises and Talks

  1. Worked example

    A structured statistical task to take you through the tools and concepts used on this DVD.
  2. Statistical Computing

    Talk on statistical computing presented to University of Toledo Statistical Seminar motivating this project in the context of statistical computing.
  3. Class notes

    Notes from a course module that included a section using the iPoIDE.
  4. Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation

    Talk/demo on the iPoIDE and the National Science Foundation's Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation Initiatives.

About this DVD

Readme file listing contents of DVD: README

Please mail if you have questions or suggestions regrading this task, or the DVD in general.

Created: Mon Jan 22 2007